Disorganized serial killers have a below average intelligence, usually with a mean IQ of 92.5. Normally, they are more impulsive than other serial killers. The killer swiftly overpowers his victims and kills them in a frenzied manner, most likely using a random weapon they find in their immediate environment that they have easy access to. They leave their victim's body out in the open without trying to hide it. These types of killers often move from place to place to avoid suspicion.

They are often unemployed and antisocial; having few friends. Disorganized serial killers will most likely have a history of mental illness and they often have a habit of excessive violence, and sometimes even necrophilia (sexual attraction to corpses) and/or sexual violence.
These killers seldom plan their killings; most often, their victims are simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. The victims are just randomly chosen.

Disorganized serial killers often don’t remember what they have done and when they are questioned, they have a tendency to say they were driven by voices in their heads or another source they have conjured up.


Of killer:
  • Below average intelligence
  • Socially inadequate
  • Unskilled work
  • Sexually incompetent
  • Low birth order status
  • Father’s work unstable
  • Harsh discipline as child
  • Anxious mood during crime
  • Minimal use of alcohol
  • Minimal situational stress
  • Living alone
  • Lives/works near crime scene
  • Minimal interest in news media
    crime scene.jpg
    An example of a disorganized serial killer's crime scene. The place is left in complete disarray and it does not seem to be planned out.
  • Significant behavior change (drug/alcohol abuse/religious, etc.)

Of crime scene:
  • Spontaneous offense
  • Victim/location known
  • Depersonalizes victim
  • Minimal conversation
  • Crime scene random and sloppy
  • Sudden violence to victim
  • Minimal use of restraints
  • Sexual acts after death
  • Body left in view
  • Evidence/weapon often present
  • Body left at death scene

A disorganized killer most likely will go days without shaving, brushing his/her hair, or changing their clothes. S/he may kill acquaintances, family or neighbors without thinking about the risk of being exposed. If they don’t get caught, they can become an organized serial killer as they get experienced.

These killers are careless and always leave behind some evidence at the crime scene. The scene of the crime will not be cleaned up; it’ll be sloppy and messy. The scene often shows signs of the killer trying to cover up the victim’s face, for instance with a pillow or a piece of clothing, in an effort to depersonalize them.

A disorganized killer is out of control and their crime scenes are left chaotic. Whilst his victims may have basic features in common, there is little proof or evidence to suggest that they were carefully selected.

They surprise their victims and kill them at or near the scene where they first stroked. The victim is usually killed quickly in an uncontrolled manner. Disorganized killers generally do not bind or control their victims and their weapons are usually improvised and/or acquired at the scene of the attack. There is usually little or no attempt to conceal the body or to hide or remove evidence.

The offender is normally preoccupied with recurring obsessional or primitive thoughts, and at the time of the crime, s/he is typically in a confused frame of mind.

A disorganized serial killer is often scared of people and may have many delusional thoughts. There is reason to believe that the offender is ignorant of sex and also may have sexual aversions. S/he often chooses the victims randomly, and it is likely to happen simply by knocking on doors in a neighborhood. The first person to open the door will probably become this killer’s victim. It is important for this killer to have a feeling of control, s/he cannot under any circumstances risk that the victim will have it, or that the victim will get the upper hand.

The offender attacks in a blitz style of way; meaning s/he confronts the victim, and the victim is completely surprised and caught off guard. This killer often attacks in a very violent way, his or her killings are spontaneous and in a place where the victim is going about his or her usual activities, in that way adding the element of surprise. It is normal for a disorganized serial killer to feel the need to depersonalize the victim, such as putting something over the victim’s face or even especially focusing on specific areas of the body and applying extreme brutality. This brutality or overkill often happens to the victim’s face, indicating that the killer knows the victim or that the victim looks like someone the killer knows. It is often a person who has caused the killer psychological distress. Mutilation to the face, genitals, breasts, disembowelment, amputation, or vampirism can often also be seen on the victim’s body. There is little to no verbal interaction, except for orders and threats given by the killer.

Trophies are seldom taken (but if a trophy is taken is may very likely be a body part) and the killer normally does not follow their crimes in the media.

This offender may feel incompetent and inadequate. If they sexually assault their victims, it will be when the victim is dying or already dead. He establishes control through incapacitation, so he will attack from behind, causing blunt force trauma to the head or face of the victim. He will engage in stabbing or biting types of mutilation. Then he may ejaculate on the victim's clothing or in her wounds. These offenders typically murder their victims by strangulation, blunt force, or the use of a pointed or sharp instrument.

He is probably suffering from acute psychological disturbance and could be psychotic.He lives alone, generally close to the crime scene.He is unlikely to have a stable romantic or sexual relationship, but if he does his relationship partners will be much younger or much older than the offender. Both of these age groups would be perceived by him as non-threatening.

Following his crime, the disorganized sexual killer will change his eating habits, increase drinking or drug abuse, and become excessively nervous. He will show an inappropriate interest in the crimes and will introduce them into the topic of conversation frequently.
ottis toole.jpg
Ottis Toole commited his first murder when he was only 14 years old.


Disorganization may come from their youth, his/her lack of criminal finesse, drug or alcohol abuse, or mental deficiency. They might know their victims as he takes his chances near where he is staying or where he might be employed. His victims are from around him because he gets his brashness/courage from familiar surroundings. His homicides appear random because he strikes when he is under stress; hence his victims are in the wrong place at the wrong time.


  • Ottis Toole could be an example of a disorganized serial killer. He committed his first murder at the age of 14. The victim picked him up outside town and drove him into the woods for sex. Afterward, Toole “got nervous” and ran the man down with his own car. Obviously this wasn’t a well thought out murder. It was something that “just happened.” He had an abusive father and a grandmother who called him the Devil’s Child. Ottis Toole was found to have an IQ of 75.
  • Derrick Todd Lee is another example. He was linked to the murder of seven women in Louisiana, but was only convicted of two. For each killing, Lee changed his pattern; none of them were ever done the same way. He raped all of his victims before he killed them. The only similarity between them murders were that he always took the victim’s cell phones, and
richard chase.jpg
Richard Chase was called "The Vampire of Sacramento" because he drank his victim's blood and cannibalized them.
there were never any signs of forced entry at the location the murders took place. Lee had an IQ of 65

  • Richard Trenton Chase killed six people in only one month. The murders took place in Sacramento, California. Chase never planned his killings, and the victims were chosen randomly. He told detectives that “he took locked doors as a sign that he was not welcome, but that unlocked doors were an invitation to come inside.” Chase’s nickname was “The Vampire of Sacramento” because he drank the blood of his victims. He also cannibalized his victims’ remains.


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